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This was my third birth. I had never been induced before. I told my midwife I wanted to go as far over as I could. She told me 13 days was it. I was so sure I wouldn’t make it to that point that I didn’t even put any thought into an induction.
It came to 12 days over and I thought ‘maybe I will be induced’ We took my older two out for the morning and spent the last time as a family of four, we knew it would be the last chance to do so. Then we headed home and packed the car ready to go to the hospital.
When being induced, they ask you to go in the night before to be checked and see if you are favourable. So I kissed my babies goodbye (the plan was to have them come to the hospital and give me one last big kiss and cuddle- But I didn’t get to do that that night)
We arrived to the hospital at 3pm and headed to the ward. I got on the bed and they checked the baby- she was healthy and happy. A bit of time passed and a midwife then did an internal to see if I was favourable to determine whether I would need to have the balloon over night to prepare my cervix for the induction the next morning. I was favourable and 2cm dilated. She said to me that I can go home and come back in the morning for my induction, or because the delivery rooms are empty I could go there now(?!) and have the baby tonight (wow, I wasn’t expecting that and didn’t know how to feel) But Chris and I both agreed to not wait any longer. We called Parker and Polly at home. We were SO excited and could not believe we’d be meeting her in just a few hours?!?!
A little back story to my previous two births because it may help to explain the intensity of my contractions. Both of my previous labours were majority at home. My waters broke on their own. They were both delivered with only gas and both posterior. They were fairly similar to each other so I naturally assumed this would be too. Boy was I wrong!!
I got on the bed and not long after 6pm they started the oxytocin at the minimum dosage. I felt those contractions straight away, at first it wasn’t too bad but they were there and I could very much feel them. Then it was time to break my waters at 6.45. By 7pm I was up and rocking on the side of the bed and not long later I remember saying to my midwife ‘’this is crazy, but I think I need some gas” I couldn’t believe that my previous births I had gone hours of labour and to 7cm without any drug, but to then get a hour into an induction and already asking for the gas. I thought I was crazy!(obviously wasn’t, and it’s totally normal- I just wasn’t mentally preparing for that) I tried pushing through but each contraction was so strong, sharp and painful. She didn’t hesitate at all and assured me that inductions can be full on and to get that gas crankin’
The dosage was put up by this point and they were getting more stronger and stronger. And closer and closer together, at this point they were back to back. Like really back to back, maybe 40 seconds between them and I had no time to rest and reset between. I mentioned to the midwife at this point that my body was pushing and I couldn’t stop the urge, the pushing wasn’t too bad just yet, but it was uncomfortable. Chris was a pro at this support thing. He’d done it twice before. He knew exactly where to put pressure, when to give me a drink, when to kiss me. One thing he didn’t figure out though was spotify premium. Really?! I was listening to adds between contractions. I can confirm, we now have spotify premium!
We were having a birth photographer and we were asked to let her know a hour in advance to when the baby would be arriving. The midwife kept saying “you need to contact the photographer” “If you are pushing, I think baby will be here soon.. I would contact her” But I just didn’t want her to come down when I wasn’t sure, I kept hesitating but eventually Chris called Kerry and said baby is coming. The midwife was so sure she would be out in the next hour.
The contractions were becoming more intense and more unbearable for me. I kept going because I knew I was getting so close. I had to be, all of this incredibly strong pressure and sharp contractions had to mean I was progressing. The midwife was beside me the whole time, so supportive and reassuring me that I would be so close and doing an amazing job. The pushing became harder to resist. The contractions were even closer. The gas was going up. But the oxytocin wasn’t. Babys heartrate had been dipping throughout the entire labour, but by this point it was making them concerned. Chris didn’t let me feel his worries though. He always had his ears listening to the midwives but never made me feel stressed. He made sure I was always prepared for the next contraction. He is absolute labour support dreams!
My MW had asked for the midwife in charge to come in and have a look at me and give her her advice. At this point, my body was pushing uncontrollably, the urge was so strong and each push was getting harder to control- By this point I couldn’t stop pushing. She looked in my direction, straight away said that my body wasn’t handling it and to bring the drug right down. The oxytocin was decreased to the lowest level again. Almost immediately It gave me some relief, and although the breaks between were spacing out, they were still super sharp and super harsh.
Still on the side of the bed, standing and leaning over it, I was asking for an internal at this point. I needed to know where I was at and how I was progressing to give me extra motivation. If I knew that I was further along, it would encourage me to keep going. All I needed at this point was reassurance from my own body that I was doing the right thing.

It was around 9.45pm, Kerry had arrived earlier and it was time to have an internal and see where I was at. I was so ready to bed told to start pushing. In my head, I was already 10cm. The team wanted me to be on the bed because standing upright wasn’t helping with the uncontrollable pushing, the gravity wasn’t helping.
I got into position and after a student checked me, she wasn’t sure what was happening (I guess I wouldn’t either in that moment, the mother is in a lot of pain but the cm’s didn’t make sense) so she asked another MW to check and kept her thoughts to herself. The room had quite a few people in it at that point and the midwife in charge whispered to all the midwives “she’s at a 2” I overheard that and I instantly lost hope. I let it take over me and I cried to Chris. I didn’t think I could do it. I gave up in that moment. How could I be at a 2 when I was at a 2 when I walked into the delivery room? How was the pain of 2cm the same pain I had at 10cm with the previous labours?  I knew no one was expecting that and everyone felt disheartened for me. I could tell by the energy and how it just so quickly changed. The midwife in charge told me that it was okay and that I could go from 2cm to 10cm in half a hour and not to loose hope, to continue doing what I was and bring baby down. Chris was incredible like always, and although it broke his heart, he didn’t let me know his worries. He was so strong for me, he encouraged me and told me that I could do it, how proud he was of me.
Around 10.30pm they decided to do internal fetal monitoring on babys head to have a more clear reading (a little clip type tool that sticks to the scalp). Once that was put on they could see that baby was in a bit of distress and every contraction I would have was making her HR drop quite low.
By this point they were pretty concerned for baby, the fact I couldn’t stop pushing was not good for her. The said I really need to stop pushing or they would have to see if an epidural would help from the numbing meaning I wouldn’t feel the urge to push. I cried when they mentioned it. But I cried even more when I knew that I couldn’t stop the pushing. They said I need an epidural. But the anaesthetist was busy, he was going to be 45 minutes. I waited and tried new positions. Nothing was helping the urge. The contractions (even with the gas) was SO intense, like so so so intense! The next one was coming so fast, I couldn’t prepare for the next ones. Eventually at around 11.30pm the anaesthetist arrived and did his disclaimer- It felt like foreverrr, forever!! He prepared everything and by 12am he was ready to do the epidural (I was told after Poet was born that looking back around this moment, I was most likely 10cm when the epidural was being put in) And wow is that a scary/painful experience. I think I had easily 10 contractions on the side of that bed, and them telling you not to move is SO hard. The epidural has always frightened me more than what a delivery ever did
The epidural was completed and I remember the anaesthetist standing beside me just looking and squeezing the bag trying to make it transfer faster, he was asking me what I could still feel and I don’t remember losing any feeling at all. I laid back so that they could put in the catheter but before that, they did an internal to see where I was at.
At around 12.20 They noticed her HR was dropping further and were starting to worry a lot more. She looked at me and said “Georgia Darling, you are at 10cm and I need you to push, put the gas down and push” I just remember saying “but why can I still feel everything?” She then said to me “Georgia, baby is in a lot of distress, she needs to come out now” I looked and Chris, we were both so scared and worried. He asked me to ‘’please push’’ and told me that baby was in danger- Somehow your partner telling you that is more convincing than a qualified midwife? But I did listen and I pushed for 4 minutes.

Poet was born. She came to me, straight on my chest. Perfect and beautiful, healthy and safe. One of the three most incredible moments of my life. The feeling of your baby coming onto your chest is indescribable and no matter how many times it happens, it will forever be the most surreal feeling.
We did delayed cord clamping and smiled, stared in awe and spoke about all her features. She was completely covered with vernix and bumfluff.. especially above her bottom!! After some time they said it was time to cut the cord. Chris did that and then it was time to deliver the placenta. I needed to be stitched up (I don’t actually remember any of this) Poet had her first feed and latched perfectly straight away. I went and had my first shower and Chris sat proud and could be with his new baby girl on his chest, their first skin to skin time.
This was by far the hardest of my three labours. I let my mind get the better of me at some points but I barely remember the pain. It’s true when they say that once your baby is on your chest you forget everything that happened.
Our beautiful baby Poet

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