Life has been crazy these past few months. Selling and moving to a new house, renovating our first shop front and moving our business to a factory has made me sooo much less organised this time around. We don't have a car seat installed or a nursery set up yet, but I thought if I get my hospital bag packed I'll at least have one thing ticked off my list!

I used Kyree's Hospital Bag Checklist as a guide before I started packing. There were so many little things I had forgotten, so having this guideline to go off made it so much easier! (Click here to view the checklist!)




1. @ziggylou_ | Announcement photo outfit, knits, beanies, headband (just in case it's a girl!)

2. @littlelove.ofmine | Basic clothes for baby (Illoura & Jamie Kay rompers, kimonos & pants)


1. @whitefoxandco | Dummy holder, dummies & sibling toy (Augie is adamant the baby is bringing her an octopus... So now the baby is bringing her an octopus)

2. @bronte_co | Change mat & wet bags

3. @ziggylou_ | Stretch swaddles, fringe swaddles & knitted blankets

4. @zilvi_ | Announcement plaque


1. @bunniecaddie | Perfect organiser to have everything I need for baby at arms reach. Able to store so many nappies, wipes, cream, burp cloths, spare change of clothes etc. all easily accessible. So handy for nighttime changes, and being able to direct Steve to grab something quickly for me!

2. @milkandcookiebyjewels | Lactation cookies & an antenatal colostrum expressing kit. I am going to start expressing colostrum to have on hand next week! This little kit will make it so easy to express, store and then transport to hospital

3. @the.nest.aus | Hospital bag organisers


1. @bimbyandroy | Labour outfit, comfy bra & undies - breastfeeding friendly

2. @kmart | PJs, nursing tops & comfy undies

3. @madreaus | Wellness stick - for labour to help with nausea. Boob balm - to help with sore/dry nipples. These items are all natural & vegan friendly!

4. @thegromscollective | Postpartum healing items - Peri bottle, ice packs & healing sprays

5. @littlebambinobear | Reusable nursing pads


Bags | I'll be packing my items into two seperate bags, one for labour and one for post birth. I'll keep my toiletries with my labour bag, incase it takes a while to get a room. That way I don't have to wait until I'm settled in to have that first shower (which by the way is heaven).  I'll also be keeping my Bunnie Caddie in the car with all of babies accessories already pre-packed (nappies, cream, burp cloths, spare outfits etc). So once we are in our room we can just carry this up and pop it under the bassinet!

Amy x


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