Pre-Order December


      Due in Mid-December. All pre-orders are final. 

      BEFORE you consider pre-ordering any of these items, please consider the following:

      1. We cannot change the manufacturing turnaround time. These things take time, especially as some of the items are hand printed designs and we don’t want to rush the QC process. As these are printed by hand for each order there may be some discrepancies between summer 1 and pre-order colours.
      2. These items will be due in around the crazy Christmas season. Shipping to us and then to you may be delayed and is out of our control. If you are in a rush for your items, please don’t pre-order.
      3. Summer Drop 2 is coming in hot! It is already on the ship on the way to us and will be dropping end of next month. Please keep this in mind if you’d prefer to shop this next drop instead of pre-ordering, as this will be released before pre-orders arrive.
      4. Some of our stockists might still have the size you’re after in stock ready to ship. We have a full list of stockists available on our website if you’d like to see that first.
      5. If you are purchasing any in-stock items alongside pre-order items, these will not be shipped separately. Please place 2 separate orders if you’re wanting your in-stock items earlier!
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