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Part 2 | Poet's Birth Story

This was my third birth. I had never been induced before. I told my midwife I wanted to go as far over as I could. She told me 13 days was it. I was so sure I wouldn’t make it to that point that I didn’t even put any thought into an induction.

It came to 12 days over and I thought ‘maybe I will be induced’ We took my older two out for the morning and spent the last time as a family of four, we knew it would be the last chance to do so. Then we headed home and packed the car ready to go to the hospital.. 

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Part 1 | The First Outing

7 days after giving birth I told my partner I would like to go out for my first outing: a coffee! Oh how I longed to feel ‘normal’ again, as the past week had been a blur of no sleep, changing nappies, late night feeds and crying, on repeat...


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